SOFT LAUNCH – November 19th!

HIII and welcome to my new website! In an attempt to GIVE BACK to everyone that supports me, to “brand” xtiffi, and to bring together everything I’ve worked on for the last year, I finally decided to build a website. I have been making decisions about the content, design, and website as a whole for a little over a month. This website will also help me refocus on what I am trying to do which is to ultimately help people with glitches and give them the tools that they need going forward so that you all will have resources to use! I also just wanted a place to put everything.. it’s hard to share every link or everything that I do on every single social site that I have so this will be the hub! In addition to the component lists, you’ll also be seeing: announcements for giveaways, helpful links, a contact form, ways to support me, all of my social links, and featured content in the coming months! Thank you to EVERYONE that stops by to check it out, utilize the resources I have on here, and shares your feedback while I am still building and growing. Today is a “soft launch” of the website. I will be transitioning the component lists in full here in the coming weeks meaning that EVERY SINGLE CLOTHING ITEM IN THE GAME will be on the lists, including merge/blacklisted/festive for browsing! The format will also change slightly to reflect some suggestions and feedback I’ve received as I’ve worked on the lists over the last year. For now, I have imported the lists as is to make them easier to browse and search! Merge & Combo lists will still be on the old format until then as well. You still have an option to view the lists in the old style as well as print them in the old style… aka the Printable List PDF that is linked on both pages. PLEASE use the contact form if you have any questions or anything appears to be out of place.

Thank you, as always, for your support!

i love ya’ll


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