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I am STILL adding every single in-game clothing item with corresponding section + item number. This is a long process. I am completely reformatting the lists. The general rule of thumb is it’s not on my lists, I don’t know it OR it’s unavailable. I do not answer component questions, please refer to the lists or my Youtube videos, they were all made to help you help yourself ☺️

Female List

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19 Replies to “Component Lists + Updates”

  1. Hi tiffi u probably don’t remember me veteran-_-0pp I used to always play rngs on your streams with you but I love how you decided to make your own website I really like it’s great it’s very helpful I’ve been playing Fortnite but I just seen this website on your ig and I went to it and it is way easier. It’s making me wanna get back on gta more. You never disappoint me tiffi. Love Always❤️

  2. Im having trouble with the black polo tucked shirt I want to merge it on the black work jacket but it keeps taking it off please can you help?

    1. Thank you for responding I had another question do you know a way I can wear any tshirts on any cashmere overcoat on
      the male character please

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