Component List Updated!

Just a note to say that the lists have been updated today!… and you can view by clicking on the menu and using the Search Bar to filter items OR by clicking on the link for the Printable/OLD PDF (since some of you still aren’t getting that).

Also a friendly reminder that Festive items typically do NOT stay after New Years, so make sure you have removed them from any outfits you do not want to lose.

If you find errors on the list or want to submit new items, please leave a comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram.


39 Replies to “Component List Updated!”

      1. Tiffi is there a female component to get the old dlc masks like the wolf and bear that we came transfer glitch with

  1. Hey tiffi, I had a thought. The kifflom outfit you get from tipping the bathroom attendant in the night club, those pants look alot like joggers, wonder if it’s possible to merge them onto a outfit. I’ll attempt this later on. And let you know my findings. It’s shadow from YouTube

    1. Hi Nicholas! I believe those are just regular Cargo or Suit Pants that you can purchase. Only the top & necklace are exclusive.

      1. Hey do you know the female to male components for the scuba tank outfit that drops the tanks Everytime you click on the outfit?

  2. The white and teal bustier isn’t transferring as white and black band shirts it’s a space monkey shirt and a white T with blk vest. If anyone knows the new components for the band shirts pls post thx

    1. Basic Components don’t change, only merge components do if new items are included in DLCs. Sounds to me that you are using an old merge component, probably the Leather Jackets, which you cannot wear the bustiers under anyway if I recall. The new merge components have been on the list for a month.

  3. That’s so weird I do the glitch fairly often but since update I’ve tried it twice with just the bustier on nothing else and both times end up with the same. But thx for the reply and if I’m the only one with this issue it’s probably something I’m doing wrong lol.

  4. Hi can anyone help me please,my son who is 11 and GTA v mad,wants to no wot components do u put on female character to get all coloured joggers on his male character,if anyone could help us that would b great,thanks

      1. Oh ok thanks for getting bk to me,so we would only b able to get them through a dm glitch then is that right

  5. Hey, i would like to get the white scubasuit top, but i cant because the work jacket that u used got deleted, or something i dont see it anymore when i go in the game, so i wonder if u can find the component of the white scubasuit top, i want to merge it with white joggers and trash vest! Thanks

  6. Is there a merge component for the iaa badges on a female? Ive got the female gunbelt but I wanna merge iaa badges onto it.

  7. Hi, I recently got into creating my own transfer outfits and I was wondering if there is any component to merge colored armor. Like I have a white joggers outfit with white armor and I want to merge the joggers withe the white armor onto a checkered tank top.

  8. Does anyone know the female to male components for the scuba tank outfit that drops the tanks Everytime you click on the outfit?

  9. I don’t fully understand how this works for female to male can u explain this say I want a trash vest on my male can I just do the transfer glitch and it will be On my male ?

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