Ending the year…

…on a positive!

I’ve had quite the year. Life changed and it changed a lot. I wanted to briefly reflect on it all here and also talk about my plans for 2020. BUT first… join me in my Instagram Community Challenge: Post at least once a day for the rest of 2019 🥳 I definitely need your support so please follow me @xtiffi and stay active!

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This year I dealt with great loss, new beginnings, and a total lifestyle overhaul. I want to remind all of you that if you are struggling with ANYTHING, reach out to someone. You can learn to make better choices and start new habits. You can overcome any obstacle with itty bitty steps or great big ones. Between losing my uncle, moving, watching my parents leave my childhood home, job promotions, reconnecting with old friends, and making better choices, my priorities changed.

Gaming or creating gaming content has gone completely back to being a hobby, instead of something I was prioritizing. I’m not going anywhere though, at least not in 2020. I still have goals and milestones for my channel and the “xtiffi” brand! I may not always find a passion in gaming but I will always have a passion for creating and sharing my knowledge. I’ll continue uploading videos, making updates to the component lists, posting pictures on my Instagram, and live-streaming with my supporters. At times, I may be inactive if work or life get a bit too busy but you can always stay connected with me on Instagram.

I’m also branching out to different types of content this year! You’ll start to see me sharing some of my product testings, freebies, money-saving ventures, frugal lifestyle tips, and sponsored reviews/posts. I’ve always done these types of things but they took a back burner when I started focusing on gaming content. I highly recommend subscribing to my second channel for all non-gaming related content – https://youtube.com/tiffix.

I truly appreciate your continued support and look forward to what this year will bring!