GTA Gold Entertainment Presents: GTA Content Awards

WINNERS were announced on January 22nd! Please visit @gtagoldent on Instagram or for the full list!


Update – I asked my supporters to nominate me for Best GTA Community Platform and was also nominated for Glitched Outfits, Content Crew, and Overall Platform. Winners will be announced soon! Thanks everyone that nominated me and voted!

I’m all about the GTA community on Instagram and other social/video platforms so it’s only fair to share something exciting and fun for the community!

GTA Gold Entertainment is a fairly new platform that highlights different aspects of the GTA community on Instagram from fashion, vehicles, events, content, contests, and more! Their weekly magazines have been a hit and they are branching out to celebrate our community this month.

The GTA Gold Content Awards features 11 total categories:

1. Best GTA Music Video Director
2. Best GTA Film Director
3. Best GTA Content Pic Editor In-Game
4. Best GTA Content Pic Editor PC
5. Best GTA Content Pic Editor Multi/Mixed Media
6. Best GTA Glitched Outfits
7. Best GTA Killing Montages
8. Best GTA Content Crew
9. Best GTA Vehicle Platform
10. Best GTA Community Platform
11. Best GTA Overall Platform

Fans and supporters can submit nominations on their Instagram posts until December 2nd. Official nominees are determined by a panel of judges based on user submissions and voting began on December 12th and ended December 19th. There are cash prizes and more for those that win. I’ll also announce the winners and link to their Instagram here on my website as an added incentive for everyone that participates and wins… I really appreciate the effort that is being made to keep the community alive and fun!

You can find all past issues of their magazine in their Instagram story highlights.

Good luck to everyone and please make sure to check out GTA Gold Entertainment!

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