Component Lists Updated – December 21, 2019

I have not abandoned this website or the lists. I have made small updates throughout the year but the most important components – merge components – have always been available since I cracked the code on the limitless possibilities for merge components. For those of you that continue to ask me about (and complain about) updates to the component lists, there were 2 small updates this week that included updates that were not published back in September. I’ve posted MANY times that I was not active for months at a time on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Inactive means NOT AVAILABLE and gaming/gaming content were so low on my priority list. I’ve received random components here and there from people and I appreciate that but they still require logging into GTA to confirm the naming conventions, testing, adding them to the spreadsheet, and publishing on the website. None of which I’ve had time to do for long stretches this year. This isn’t as simple as slapping some pictures on a Twitter post or DM. My goal is to help people, not confuse them and make them have to still look for the items without any additional information.

A larger update will come this weekend (including Festive items, Casino Heist DLC items, and some Arena War) for both male and female. Another small update will occur next week with some odds and ends.

As a reminder, the lists are FREE and have always been free.. however, I removed the pdf versions for multiple reasons:
1. I was having to maintain 4 versions (5 if you count my blacklisted/unknown component list), which was not feasible.
2. People were downloading the list FOR FREE, uploading it to their own pages/videos, and linking without credit.
3. The pdf version was extremely outdated and not easy to use. A search bar is 100x easier than scrolling through pages. Fight me if you want but you’re wrong.
4. People were downloading and printing OLD versions of the list and then complaining that they weren’t updated because they were too lazy to look for new versions.
5. The pdf version was in English only and you can use google translate in this format.
6. My website is monetized with ads and though the lists are free, it’s fair for me to generate a few pennies a month by people utilizing it on my website.
7. I have control over the content on my own website and can block IP addresses, update on the go, and explicitly link to those that help here.
If any of that is a problem, don’t use them.

To those of you that have offered or tried to help, thank you! I’m doing my best to maintain a ‘Thank You’ list on my website, so apologies if that was not updated but it will be this weekend. I do have some additional tools at my disposal now to make the testing easier, so we shall see how that goes. If you do have requests for components, update to the lists, or corrections.. the best place to send them is on Twitter or Instagram.

Happy Holidays <3

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