What kind of outfits can you get from Adversary Modes?

Dawn Raid – Female: Purple & Orange Camo Joggers/Male: Cargo Pants/Both: Hats, Masks

Deadline – Tron suits + Helmets (Complete job to unlock option to purchase)

Dog Fight – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Flightsuit & Helmets

Drop Zone – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Joggers & Helmets

Extraction IV – Red Tie (must be Target, wear with any top)

Hardest Target – Green Striker Utility Vest

In & Out – Solid White & Tan Jerseys/Hats

Inch by Inch – Purple & Orange Jerseys/Hats

Kill Quote – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Joggers & Helmets

Motor Wars – Purple, Orange, Pink, Green Flightsuit & Helmet

Power Mad – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Camo Joggers (Female) Cargo Pants (Male) & Helmets

Power Play – Purple & Orange Varsity Jacket, Black Joggers

Running Back Remix I – Yellow & Teal full Racing Suits

Stockpile – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Bomber Jackets & Hats

Sumo – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Joggers

Til Death – Male Only: Colored Ties, Armor/Both: Hats, Gloves

Turf Wars – Black Joggers & Blue, Orange, Pink, and Green Leather Jackets & Helmets

Vehicle Vendetta – Black Joggers

What does it mean when a clothing item is “blacklisted” on GTA Online?

Blacklisted clothing items on GTA Online are items that are not wearable/saveable in a freemode session. Switching outfits, switching sessions, dying, or restarting the game will cause the outfit and the outfit slot to be removed. Though some of these items are obtainable via glitches or purchasable at the clothing store and able to be worn or temporarily saved, they are not permanent. We have no idea why certain items are blacklisted, apart from festive items only being whitelisted during certain times (ie Christmas), but this likely occurred as a way to punish modded accounts transferred from old gen consoles as most of these items were popular amongst modded outfits. Some blacklisted items are also only partially blacklisted, meaning you can save them forever and wear in missions, just not in freemode, or there are ways to make them compatible in freemode.

Blacklisted Items – Full

Cop Outfit – Belt, Hat, Top, Pants

Green Trash Vest

Teal Trash Pants

Juggernaut Sweater

Red Thong Panty

Beast Outfit – Jacket, Mask, Gloves

Full Face Masks (Unlockable items gifted to us from Rockstar in this Mask section)

Body Armor + Scarve with 3/4 sleeve Sports Tops on Female ONLY

Blacklisted Items – Partial

Festive Items – Christmas Items or items that were not unlocked during certain events (ie Wireframe Bodysuits, Beer Hats, Special Outfits)

Invisible Body – Most items will not work in a freemode session

Topless – Old components only, new components have been found (Example)

Dunce Cap – No way to save out of Bad Sport but if you don’t switch outfits, it will stick forever. Old gen transferred modded accounts may have them saved

Adversary Woolen Gloves – Only compatible with certain tops

Long Gloves – Only compatible with certain tops (Example)

Sports Top + Scarf + Body Armor – Saves online but deletes after closing app (Example)

Scubasuit – Scuba Tank and flash light only sticks in water but the goggles or “mask” are obtainable with components (Example)

What boots are merge components for utility pants?

You can put other boots with utility pants for component transfers or merging, including what is listed below. To view what these items equal, please visit the component lists.

Male to Female:

Arena Wars Plated & Harness Boots

Rubberized Boots

Boots > Tech, Biker, Work, Moc Toe

Female to Male:

Boots > Black Flight, Black Scruffy, Black Tactical, Khaki Walking, Tan Walking
*No merge shoes are compatible with MOST utility pants on Female, which means you are limited to merging these bottoms only onto existing shoe components and not merging onto the bottoms that these components create.

Should I give you credit if I use your lists/videos/outfits to create content (ex: IG posts, component videos, outfit montages)?

The answer to this is always YES. If you have any sort of integrity, you should always do this in all aspects of your life. I make it a point to support people who support me and browse Youtube often and subscribe to, like, and leave comments on videos with credit in the description. No, I don’t own the rights to clothing in the game but if something I shared, created, or discovered HELPED, INSPIRED, or TAUGHT you… you should 100% of the time show love and support me back since I supported you by giving you free access to content. I will absolutely call out anyone that is reposting my actual content, sharing glitches and/or methods that were founded by me or Tee, or that is blatantly ripping off our content without showing love or support in return. Fuck content thiefs ??‍♀️

I can’t load into one of my character slots… what should I do?

  1. Select that character slot that’s working and go to your Interaction Menu > Style > Change Appearance
  2. Exit back to an online session without making any changes
  3. When you spawn back in a session, go to your Pause Menu > Online > Creator 
  4. When you spawn in Creator, go to your Pause Menu > Online > Play GTA Online > Invite Only Session
  5. Once you get an alert that says “Would you like to alter your character’s appearance?” disconnect your internet
  6. When you load back into story mode, go to your Pause Menu > Online > Choose Character and select that character slot that you are having issues loading
  7. You will get the alert again that says “Would you like to alter your character’s appearance?”
  8. Select Yes and swap to one of the standard outfits, confirm changes, and you should successfully load into a session on this character

*One reason this happens is if you suspend app or swap characters while wearing a half hat.

How do I unlock “Blouses” and “High Waisted Pants” and “Suspenders” to purchase in the clothing store?

To unlock these item categories in the clothing store, you first need to purchase the Outfits > Lowrider Classics > The Sanchez from any clothing store counter. Once purchased, you will unlock a new section in Tops called Blouses (red, white, black and can only be worn with the High Waisted Pants without glitches or components) and in Bottoms called High Waisted Pants (gray, white, black and can only be worn with Blouses, Loose/Party Tanks, or Special Top Hoodies without glitches or components). You will also unlock Accessories > Suspenders (red, black, and white that are only compatible with Blouses without glitches or components).