How do I get the password for your website?

The passwords are no longer available to the public for my personal lists. They are instead available only to my Youtube Channel Members as a perk. You can watch the video below for what lead to this decision.

Here are how the component lists are going to work:

  1. Youtube Channel Members “Pizza Party” ($0.99) and higher will be able to access the component lists via the Community Tab*. You are NOT paying for the lists, you are supporting my Youtube channel and as a thank you, I am supplying you with the password to access on my website ONLY.
  2. The password will change at random and will be posted on my Youtube Community tab each time it changes. If a new password has not been posted, it may have not been changed yet. If the daily password has been compromised, a new one will be posted. The only place to find the most recent password will be on my Youtube Community tab.
  3. Each time you access the list, your IP will be logged. This is due to security reasons and privacy concerns thanks botnet shitheads and occurs on every website you visit (ie cookies). Anyone found sharing passwords, screenshotting lists to share publicly, or sharing them for commercial use will be IP blacklisted from them. If you become privy to someone breaking these rules, please report it to me via [email protected]
  4. If the website goes down for any reason for a prolonged period of time, I will post a back-up of the lists on my secondary website which will be shared here on the Community tab.
  5. If the rules for accessing and/or sharing the lists are abused, I will remove them again.
  6. There are many perks for becoming a member, so please be sure to click on the Membership or Community tab on my Youtube channel to review the instructions on redeeming them.
  7. Merge Components for Transfer & Non-Transfer Glitches will remain in my FAQ for all visitors of my website.

To become a channel member, please click the JOIN button on my channel or this link.

*This does not entitle anyone to the lists and they may be removed at anytime. Proceeds from channel memberships will help me pay for DDoS protection for my website, an assistant for my small business, fund giveaways and also allow me to give some kick-back to creators like Tee Games & llsilxnt for their contributions to the outfit glitching community. For additional assistance, the Merge Component Guide/List is still available to the public in my FAQ and will be updated as needed. You may also utilize my playlists and the search bar on Youtube.