Component List Updated!

Just a note to say that the lists have been updated today!… and you can view by clicking on the menu and using the Search Bar to filter items OR by clicking on the link for the Printable/OLD PDF (since some of you still aren’t getting that).

Also a friendly reminder that Festive items typically do NOT stay after New Years, so make sure you have removed them from any outfits you do not want to lose.

If you find errors on the list or want to submit new items, please leave a comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram.


THRILLS TOURNAMENT – Fortnite $1000 in Prizes!

Hi ya’ll! I wanted to share a Fortnite Tournament with you that will be hosted by TSM_CaMiLLs with Guest Commentator Thrax.. two awesome peeps I mod for on Twitch!

The tournament is an on-going sub only event! The next event is on Saturday, December 22nd at 4pm EST with 64 participants in 2 phases! See for more info on format and to answer any other questions not answered below.

Entry: Subscribe to TSM_CaMiLLs or thraax_ on Twitch

Register: Join CaMiLLs Discord, connect your Twitch to your User Settings > Connections > Once Sync, your name will then turn purple and you will have access to the sub only channel #thrills-registration. Follow the prompt at the top to join (ex: Join – Twitch Name: xtiffi – Epic ID: tiffix)

You will receive a confirmation message with additional details about the tournament once registration has ended. Registration ends Thursday, December 20th at 4pm EST!

Prizes are:

  • $500 for 1st Place
  • $350 for 2nd Place
  • $150 for 3rd Place

If you have any questions, please post them on Discord and we will answer there!

Thanks everyone!


NEW DLC Clothing Components

Hi ya’ll! Merge components MAY have changed with the release of the NEW Arena Wars DLC! I will be working on updates to the lists, including testing the new clothing items, the rest of the week. Merge Components first and then other items second. Don’t forget, merge components can be found on the old PDF/Printable Lists via the menu. This will take me some time as it’s my birthday week, I am very busy at work, and just busy in general. I will post below what I’ve updated or changed on a particular day so you know what to look out for. There will also be some videos marked patched on my channel if merge components have changed and I will reupload any that need to be updated + show you some of the new components!

Make sure you are following me on Instagram & subscribed on Youtube for pictures and videos!

Thank you to TEE for the help with all of this!

12/15 Lists are currently updated with the following items:
– ALL MALE MERGE COMPONENTS ARE UPDATED (look out for a video from me today!)

Adding other items to list throughout the day including new Outfits: Bodysuit Components, a bunch of shoes that Tee sent over, and various other random items I have stumbled upon… biggest thing is the male merge which is updated!

12/11 Lists are currently updated with the following items:

New Bottoms/Shoes have been fully tested. Various Tops, Hats, and Outfits have been tested and added to the lists as well with more coming throughout the week! All items tested have been transposed to both lists.