Featured Content Creator: nikkigotthajuice

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you already know how much I ADORE Nikki! Not only is she insanely talented, creative, and inspiring BUT she keeps it REAL!

I’m a FAN ya’ll!

As a sidenote: Nikki has been nothing but sweet and hella supportive toward me even though we don’t exactly run in the same clique or content communities for GTA Online. This feature might be a little biased but I have to show my girl some love and I’m excited to introduce ya’ll to Nikki’s content!

You can find Nikki on Instagram and Youtube plus see some of my favorite content from her below!

Her vision for GTA Online takes it beyond just shooting and grinding… she uses PC mods to create her own branded clothing styles and shows it all off on her Instagram. However, Nikki isn’t new to GTA Online or FIRE content. She’s been around for a while! She also plays and hosts events on console so keep an eye out on her Instagram stories if you’ve never attended an event.

If you are new to PC mods, definitely check her out to see the unlimited possibilities of what GTA Online offers on PC. She describes herself and her content as “unique” and because she now has GTA for pc, has been able to “explore new areas of Multiplayer that have not been seen yet”. Nikki goes on to say, “We also design our own clothing in our videos and pictures. The entire concept ends and begins with us”. And by “us” she means her content partner @gta_sauce_films who she collabs with on many of her videos and edits. Nikki plans to pay it forward by continuing to post new content, fresh ideas, and keep it real with everyone she encounters.

Nikki’s content can get a little R-Rated at times so you’ve been warned before clicking on this video… which just so happens to be one of my favs!

You can scroll the way back in her Instagram page to see edits, outfits, music videos, selfies (she is GORGEOUS) and even a few diss tracks + photos. As I said, she keeps it all the way real so don’t be shy when you see her IG live and pop in to say “Hi” ? you’ll probably see me there laughing along with everyone else.

I’ll be sharing Nikki’s content on my website, socials, youtube, and discord this week so make sure to look out for some exclusive content from her!

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