GTA5 | Glitches & Text Tutorials (5)

This is the most up-to-date list after patch <1.50> of all available working clothing glitches on my channel and across Youtube. Please click on the link to learn more about this glitches, including text tutorials and compatibility across platforms.

Female & Male

Beginner Outfit Glitches

This works for Male & Female Characters!

Method 1 – Special Hoodie
1. Purchase desired outfit suit at the Clothing Store (Deadline, Catsuit, Biker Suit, etc)
2. Purchase any of the Special Tops-Unlocks/Manufacturer-Hoodies (everyone may have unlocked different styles and not everyone has these)
3. Go into closet and add Hoodie to outfit.. you can also change shoes and add most accessories!

Method 2 – Crew T-Shirt
1. Purchase desired outfit suit (Deadline, Catsuit, Biker Suit, etc) at the Clothing Store
2. Go to Interaction Menu-Style-Change Appearance (costs $100k)
3. Change Crew Style T-Shirt to whatever one you want, add a crew emblem, and Save & Continue
4. Add accessories, shoes, and more back in Freemode!

Method 3 – Gray Tank Top (Heist Coveralls)
1. Go to clothing store desk and purchase/put on any of the Outfits: Heist Coveralls/Chemical Suits
2. Go to shoe section and choose the Khaki or Tan Walking Boots ONLY and your top + waist will disappear
3. Add Body Armor, Parachute, Duffel Bag, Gloves, Hats, Earrings or Masks only and save outfit
Optional: To change/add a t-shirt, unregister as CEO, open Interaction Menu > Style > Change Appearance (will cost $100,000.. suggest changing hairstyle + makeup + anything else you want while in here to get your $’s worth) and select Apparel > Any Crew T-Shirt Style
*Changing Tops (without Changing Appearance), Watches, Cuffs, Necklaces, Scarves, and any other shoes will make Bottoms disappear.


To find my outfit glitch videos on Youtube, visit my channel and check my playlists!

To find my other outfit glitches on IG, Search #xtiffiglitches

-You will lose all outfits on character you are transferring to on slot 1
-Bank all of your money on slot 2 so that you do not lose it
-If you load into a session and cannot access the clothing store, find a new session

  1. Start on Character Slot 1 and then go to Online-Choose Character-Create a NEW component character on slot 2 (opposite sex)
  2. Add components to your component character in GTA Online (must be in second slot on the character selection screen) and save
  3. Once components are saved, purchase ammo and kill you self through interaction menu to force a game save
  4. Go to Online-Creator-Create a Land Race-Tutorial
    *No need to complete the tutorial
  5. Go to Online-Choose Character-and scroll over to the character that has the components on in slot 2
  6. Press to delete the character, type in “delete” in the prompt, and press to accept the alert and wait
  7. Once back at character selection screen, immediately press to load back into GTAV Story Mode
  8. Once in Story Mode, immediately go to Online-Play GTA Online-and press GO
    *Screen will freeze briefly and then take upto 5 mins to load online
  9. When you load in, you will have your outfits that you created using components on the other character!

For merging:

  1. Be sure to add merge components in the spot before or after the slot you want to merge into
  2. Transfer the components using a component transfer glitch
  3. Play a Rockstar Created Versus Job-Crooked Cop (Truck Off and others work too)-Set to Player Owned Clothing and invite at least 1 friend
    *best if you host or have a friend invite you
  4. Scroll from your current outfit-outfit with merge components-outfit with what you want merge and back to merge outfit-ready to play
  5. Add a rebreather or ear piece through interaction menu-style-accessories-gear and quit job through phone
    -If you are merging forward: Scroll from slot 1 to slot 2
    -If you are merging backward: Scroll from slot 2 to slot 1

*Access transferred but non-clickable outfits/merge outfits in Versus Job Crooked Cop set to Player Owned Clothing, add a rebreather, quit through phone, and immediately start Mission A Titan of A Job to make changes in Ammunation or Owned Properties
**If you are wearing blacklisted or invisible components not compatible in freemode, you may not be able to wear them online even after opening or making changes

The 3 main issues that seem to occur most often is people not loading onto their slot 1 character before going into slot 2 to add components, not forcing a save on slot 2 before going into creator, and transferring blacklisted components. If all of your outfit slots are deleted on your slot 1 character after the glitch, then you transferred blacklisted components and you need to ensure that you ONLY have items on your outfits that you know have a component. If the outfit slot names transferred but you can’t click on them, that means you transferred over something that is a merge component and you’ll either need to complete the merge glitch or view the issue with the outfit in Crooked Cop.

Also, it’s important to note that adding both a merge top and merge bottom to the same outfit means you will be merging the top and bottom at the same time, you cannot merge them separately.

Current Status: Patched

FULL GENDER SWAP GLITCH + what you can do with it!

Gender Swap Item List

1. Start on the character gender you want the items for
2. Go to Style-Change Appearance (make sure you are not registered as a CEO & be prepared to spend $100,000)
3. Go down to Apparel-Scroll to last section (Crew T-Shirt OR Glasses)-Hold down circle (ps4) or B (xbox) and hover your finger over down on your d-pad.. press down as soon as you release circle or B! This part is tricky and make take a few tries for timing!
4. You should be back in the Main Menu, hovering over Apparel, but see “Choose the gender of your character” in the description/info box.
5. Press right on your dpad to swap to the opposite sex and then hit save and continue and load into an online session


6. Purchase the desired items from WildBrick142’s list to unlock when you swap back to the other gender
7. When done, force a game save by purchasing ammo and choosing the ewo
8. Now, go to Online-Creator Mode-and then Online-Play GTA Online-and select to join an invite only session
9. In just a few seconds, you will get a prompt that asks if you want to change appearance.. select yes to accept this alert
10. Repeat steps 3-5
11. Load into an online session and go to closet or clothing store to confirm you have the item swapped over!
(YES, same method for beer hats!)

*Thanks FNGGlitcher & WildBrick142

This glitch is for Female ONLY.

1. Go to any clothing store Tops Section and purchase Flapper Dresses with Long Colored Gloves attached
2. Put on a compatible top.
3. Open Interaction Menu-Style-Accessories- and go down to gloves and scroll through until you find your desired gloves
4. Create the rest of your outfit and save

*Will not save for all tops, so please pay attention to what is listed and shown in the video.
You may be able to save the outfit and wear in missions but not freemode if it is not a compatible top.

To find my outfit glitch videos on Youtube, visit my channel and check my playlists!

To find my other outfit glitches on IG, Search #xtiffiglitches

GTA5 | Glossary & Lists (4)

Current Status: Working

The Buy Everything For Free glitch allows users to flip textures of items into common Adversary and “Special” Colors like Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Blue, White, Tan, Black, and Gray. The most popular of these items and what the glitch is known for are the Colored BP Helmets but there are many items that you can flip with this glitch, including: colored bp helmets, forward facing caps, racing gloves, scuba tops, racing tops, joggers, deadline pants, deadline tops, camo tops, and many other items that have adversary colored textures. This glitch requires 2 consoles and is currently only available on PS4. There are many methods going around that demonstrate how to complete this glitch by simply doing a quick search on Youtube. This is a glitch that gets patched and I will do my best to notate if it’s still working in this FAQ. I have done this glitch before but do not currently have a video posted and will likely not post a video on this glitch.

The key pieces to this glitch are the Clothing Items & Textures that help you flip them. The most thorough list of items that I’ve found (with pictures included) comes from on llsilxnt on her website. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter. I highly recommend checking out her socials as she has put in a lot of effort to help those that may be struggling find items that they want and she shares other tips & tricks for glitches often. You can also find different textures and examples using that same quick search on Youtube.

Component Lists

Male to Female
Female to Male

Components allow you to obtain non-purchasable clothing items in the game like joggers, checkered clothing, and adversary clothing. With component transfer glitches (director mode, sp to mp, creator mode, etc) you are able to create full outfits with components. I maintain a list of what clothing components turn into from Male to Female and Female to Male on my website. You can also view the working methods for component transfers on my Youtube.

How to use the lists: 

  • Left 3 Columns = Right 2 columns
    • Example: Section, Female Category, Female Clothing (Female Items) = Male Clothing, Male Category (Male Items)
  • Sort by ANY Column (I suggest last column) or Search for specific items
  • Example: Shoes > Highheeled Boots > Deluxe Midnight Combat Boots = All White Sports Shoes  > Sports Shoes (Female Item = Male Item or Female to Male)

Unknown Components = Unobtainable and/or Untested

You may see notes on the lists that say things like: Hood down, Hood up, under jackets, over pants/shorts, under pants, open, closed, collared, alone, visor up, visor down, R or right, L or left, under, etc. This means that this specific piece of clothing only works in combination with another piece of clothing to turn into the listed component. 

Ex: The Gold & Silver Stuntman shoe components from Male to Female are boots that will only turn into these components when combined with bottoms that go over the boots or with shorts on male. This is why I’ve had to find multiple merge components for each layer to make these combination possible.

You may also notes in parenthesis after the component with tips, tricks, or suggestions about the specific component. 

Ex: While some of the gun belts from Male to Female do have components, it is not recommended to obtain them as they are locked behind Diamond Casino Heist outfits and would still require merging after transfer. Instead, transfer merge shirt components or torso 2, obtain/unlock belts on female, and merge onto the outfit you want. There many methods on my Youtube channel.

For more complex merging or component combinations, I recommend visiting the below Youtube channels that show examples as the lists will not be truly helpful for these more advanced items or outfits.

For inspiration and tutorials, check out my component playlists:
Female Components
Male Components

For male components and tutorials, check out some of my favs:
Tee Games
Unphased Gaming

*Gender Swap Glitch uses “items”, which are different from components as it is an entirely different glitch. Items are different from components. These are typically clothing items that you can unlock and purchase directly from the store when it is available. Glitches like the BEFF flip uses Textures or colors for obtaining components.

If you are looking for:

Gender Swap – Item List
Clothing Textures Flip

Check out the item list for the Gender Swap glitch by WildBrick142. Some of the items you can unlock are beer hats, special tops, special hats, festive clothing (may only be wearable during the festive season), and other limited release items.

Items are different from components. These are typically clothing items that you can unlock and purchase directly from the store when it is available. Components allow you to obtain non-purchasable clothing items in the game like joggers, checkered clothing, and adversary clothing. You do not create outfits when obtaining items, though there is a component transfer glitch associated with the Gender Swap glitch. With component transfer glitches (director mode, sp to mp, creator mode, etc) you are able to create full outfits with components.

If you are looking for components:

Male to Female
Female to Male

Merging components is done in a Rockstar Versus Job called Crooked Cop when you add a merge component onto an outfit. Merge components are typically items that appear as invisible or that do not have opposite components on the male/female character. This is typically done when transferring merge components from one character slot to the other but there are ways to do this with other popular glitches like DMO or Magic Slot outfits.

I have many examples of outside that use merge components with a component transfer glitch on my Youtube, as well as a method to merge the t-shirt layer or “Torso 1” without doing a component transfer glitch. If you’d like a video where I go into detail about merging, check out this video where I highlight some of the merge components for the Male character (female coming soon). There is a condensed list of the most commonly used merge components with info on each layer below but there are hundreds of items that merge on both characters. My goal is to always only share/highlight older clothing items if possible, as often new dlcs will fill in some of the ‘gaps’ in the prior dlcs opposite component, thus not allowing them to merge anymore.

Merging is fairly confusing if you are not familiar with how it works. Important things to note are:
1. You need at least 2 slots to merge components. The slots can be saved outfits or your “Current Outfit” or the outfit you wear into Crooked Cop and Slot 1 Or Slot 20.
2. You can merge from the slot BEFORE or AFTER the save outfit that has merge components on it. Ex: Merge “Slot 2” (component you want) into “Slot 1” (merge component outfit).
3. Purchase a rebreather or earpiece at Ammunation prior to going into Crooked Cop. The rebreather will work to bring most outfits out of Crooked Cop but if you have on a hat that you want to save, use an earpiece instead. Scroll right for rebreather and left for earpiece.
4. Access transferred but non-clickable outfits/merge outfits in Versus Job Crooked Cop set to Player Owned Clothing, add a rebreather/earpiece, quit through phone, and immediately start Mission A Titan of A Job to make changes in Ammunation
5. If you are wearing blacklisted or invisible components not compatible in freemode, you may not be able to wear them online even after opening or making changes to the outfit in Ammunation
6. You cannot merge an item onto something else that does not have a component or a component that you are not able to purchase separately. Ex: On male, white tron shoes and white joggers do not have a component, therefore, you cannot merge these two items together. On female, pink heart stockings do not have a component and the pink stuntman canvas shoes component (silver stuntman canvas shoes) is attached to bottoms that you cannot change. Because of this, you cannot merge these 2 items together because you cannot add a merge bottom onto the silver stuntman canvas shoes.

Merge LayerAKAComponents
Merge JacketTorso 2M to F:
Sea Green Puffer Jacket

F to M:
Peach Camo Closed Work Jacket, Navy Blue Striped Cropped Leather Jacket, Sea Green Puffer Jacket
All Open Closed Jackets, Deadline Tops, All Racing/Air Racing/Biker/Bodysuit Tops.
On Female: Most Tucked T-Shirts, Bikini Tops, Bustiers, and Torn Tees/Tanks.
Merge ShirtTorso 1M to F:
Blue Santo Capra T-Shirt (Alone), Camo Sports Tank (Alone or under an jacket), Mint Cuffed Business Shirt (under Suit Jackets), Black Heavy Utility Vest

F to M:

Orange Bikini Top, Leopard Print Party Tank (under jackets)
Juggernaut Armor, Trash Vest, All Gun Belts, Paramedic Belt, Utility Vest, Racing/Air Racing Suit Belts
Merge BottomLegsM to F: Tropical Print Running Sports Shorts (Short or under), Blue Continental Suit Pants (Over)

F to M: Spotted Muscle Sports Pants (Over), Pink Heart Stockings, Purple Lace Panties, Sand Cargo Sports Shorts
Different pants that go over or under shoes may turn your shoes into different components so pay attention to what the list calls for.
Merge ShoeShoesBoth:
Pink Hi Top Sneakers
The same shoes that go “over” some pants or go “under” pants or combined with shorts will often give you 2 different types of shoes. The best example are the deadline shoes components for male and the stuntman canvas shoes for female.
Merge GloveGlovesBoth:
Light Woodland Tactical Gloves
Racing Gloves, Biker Suit Gloves, and any purchasable gloves. The same gloves work to merge gloves on both male and female. You cannot merge all gloves with all tops. Ex: Long Gloves on female still follow the same standards and will only save with certain tops.
Merge NeckwearNeck AccessoriesM to F:
Black Dessert Scarf, Gold Magnetics Chain, Black Bead Necklace, Blue Hatched Straight Tie, Black Bead Necklace

F to M:
B&W Deco Earrings, Platinum LC Necklace Chain, Blue Hatched Stripey Tie
Scarves, Handcuffs, IAA Badge, Necklaces, Paramedic Badge or Stethoscope, Ties, Certain Earrings, Sweatbands, Leather Straps, Flight Tube.
*To check if an accessory is neckwear, put on a desert scarf and then try to put it on. If the scarf disappears, that item is considered neckwear.
Merge CuffsOther AccessoriesM to F:
F to M:

Cuffs, Watches that aren’t neckwear.
Merge ArmorCEO/Associate Armor & Standard ArmorM to F:
Green Flat Associate Armor, Blak Heavy CEO Armor, Flash Satin Racing Jacket + Inventory Body Armor (merge jacket layers onto glitched half body armor)

F to M:

Heavy Armor (Available at Ammunation or in Inventory – will not work with every top combination)
Armor is tricky and will not typically merge with just any top. Armor will also be removed from outfits if you change the pants on that outfit, so that limits merging armor even further. Adding Inventory Body Armor that you can purchase at Ammunation over any merge top will allow you to merge tops onto that armor.
Merge LogosCrew Emblems, Race Logos, T-Shirt LogosM to F:
Washed Patched Denim Biker Jacket + Large Back Crew Emblem (merge jacket layers onto emblem)

F to M:

Washed Patched Denim Biker Jacket + Large Back Crew Emblem (merge jacket layers onto emblem)
Adding a crew emblems or logos onto a top will allow you to merge tops onto that emblem or logo; however, it does not always save. Large Back Crew Emblems can be merged using the patched denim biker jackets or cuts on male & female that don’t have components. You can then merge any top that acts as a jacket onto that crew emblem. Logos react differently and the same crew emblem on 2 tops can turn into something totally different depending on the top so this is a toss up. Varies greatly.
Merge Hats/MasksHelmets, Hats, MasksBoth:
It’s not necessary to merge hats/masks as you can glitch them onto any outfit using the telescope and other various glitches.

GTA5 | Questions & Tips (12)

Press Alt + Tab on your keyboard to bring up the Pause Menu for GTA Online on PC.

To complete your merge outfit in Crooked Cop after transferring components when you cannot add an accessory:

  1. Open Interaction Menu and change the Racing Outfit
  2. Quit the job through your phone as normal. Note: You can also complete the job to avoid Bad Sport.
  3. Load back into a GTA Online Session and start any Rockstar Created Job > Mission (A Titan of A Job, Chopper Tail, etc).
  4. Load into the job alone and you will see your merge outfit from Crooked Cop:
  5. Save the outfit at any Ammunation, CEO Building, or Apartment and quit/complete the job.
  6. You will load back into the session with your saved merge outfit.

This may be useful when you don’t want to lose your hat/helmet, are wearing checkered items, don’t have rebreather/ear piece, or unable to change accessories in your Interaction Menu.

When doing the Gender Swap Glitch for items, the MC logos (Road Captain, Sergeant At Arms, etc) may be added to your outfits depending on the tattoos you have because the item it equals is a tattoo on the opposite sex.

One method to remove this is to redo the Gender Swap Glitch and remove all tattoos before swapping back to your character’s original gender.

Thanks, grxvyy!

To unlock these item categories in the clothing store, you first need to purchase the Outfits > Lowrider Classics > The Sanchez from any clothing store counter. Once purchased, you will unlock a new section in Tops called Blouses (red, white, black and can only be worn with the High Waisted Pants without glitches or components) and in Bottoms called High Waisted Pants (gray, white, black and can only be worn with Blouses, Loose/Party Tanks, or Special Top Hoodies without glitches or components). You will also unlock Accessories > Suspenders (red, black, and white that are only compatible with Blouses without glitches or components).

Tip the waiter in your nightclub until you unlock the outfit in your wardrobe.

If you are trying to add black scruffy boots component for black skate shoes on your female character, you know that they aren’t compatible with every bottom. You can add them to the merge shorts (tropical print sports shorts) to merge any pants on to them with an easy, old glitch.

This glitch allows you to wear black scruffy boots, black flight boots, or black tactical boots with bottoms that you could not wear them with otherwise and works for both Female & Male.

  1. Go to Bottons and put on any style of Team Pants
  2. Go to Shoes > Boots > and select the tactical, scruffy, or flight boot that you would like to wear in this section (should default to the boots)
  3. Now go back to Bottoms >
    • Sports Shorts > Tropical Print Running Shorts (male merge shorts)
    • Most skinny leggings, jeans, and suit pant styles on female
    • Also most shorts or cropped shorts on both
  1. Select that character slot that’s working and go to your Interaction Menu > Style > Change Appearance
  2. Exit back to an online session without making any changes
  3. When you spawn back in a session, go to your Pause Menu > Online > Creator 
  4. When you spawn in Creator, go to your Pause Menu > Online > Play GTA Online > Invite Only Session
  5. Once you get an alert that says “Would you like to alter your character’s appearance?” disconnect your internet
  6. When you load back into story mode, go to your Pause Menu > Online > Choose Character and select that character slot that you are having issues loading
  7. You will get the alert again that says “Would you like to alter your character’s appearance?”
  8. Select Yes and swap to one of the standard outfits, confirm changes, and you should successfully load into a session on this character

*One reason this happens is if you suspend app or swap characters while wearing a half hat.

The answer to this is always YES. If you have any sort of integrity, you should always do this in all aspects of your life. I make it a point to support people who support me and browse Youtube often and subscribe to, like, and leave comments on videos with credit in the description. No, I don’t own the rights to clothing in the game but if something I shared, created, or discovered HELPED, INSPIRED, or TAUGHT you… you should 100% of the time show love and support me back since I supported you by giving you free access to content. I will absolutely call out anyone that is reposting my actual content, sharing glitches and/or methods that were founded by me or Tee, or that is blatantly ripping off our content without showing love or support in return. Fuck content thiefs 🤷🏻‍♀️

You can put other boots with utility pants for component transfers or merging, including what is listed below. To view what these items equal, please visit the component lists.

Male to Female:

Arena Wars Plated & Harness Boots

Rubberized Boots

Boots > Tech, Biker, Work, Moc Toe

Female to Male:

Boots > Black Flight, Black Scruffy, Black Tactical, Khaki Walking, Tan Walking
*No merge shoes are compatible with MOST utility pants on Female, which means you are limited to merging these bottoms only onto existing shoe components and not merging onto the bottoms that these components create.

Blacklisted clothing items on GTA Online are items that are not wearable/saveable in a freemode session. Switching outfits, switching sessions, dying, or restarting the game will cause the outfit and the outfit slot to be removed. Though some of these items are obtainable via glitches or purchasable at the clothing store and able to be worn or temporarily saved, they are not permanent. We have no idea why certain items are blacklisted, apart from festive items only being whitelisted during certain times (ie Christmas), but this likely occurred as a way to punish modded accounts transferred from old gen consoles as most of these items were popular amongst modded outfits. Some blacklisted items are also only partially blacklisted, meaning you can save them forever and wear in missions, just not in freemode, or there are ways to make them compatible in freemode.

Blacklisted Items – Full

Cop Outfit – Belt, Hat, Top, Pants

Green Trash Vest

Teal Trash Pants

Juggernaut Sweater

Red Thong Panty

Beast Outfit – Jacket, Mask, Gloves

Blacklisted Items – Partial

Festive Items – Christmas Items or items that were not unlocked during certain events (ie Wireframe Bodysuits, Beer Hats, Special Outfits)

Invisible Body – Most items will not work in a freemode session

Topless – Old components only, new components have been found (Example)

Dunce Cap – No way to save out of Bad Sport but if you don’t switch outfits, it will stick forever. Old gen transferred modded accounts may have them saved

Adversary Woolen Gloves – Only compatible with certain tops

Long Gloves – Only compatible with certain tops (Example)

Sports Top + Scarf + Body Armor – Saves online but deletes after closing app (Example)

Scubasuit – Scuba Tank and flash light only sticks in water but the googles or “mask” are obtainable with components (Example)

Dawn Raid – Female: Purple & Orange Camo Joggers/Male: Cargo Pants/Both: Hats, Masks

Deadline – Tron suits + Helmets (Complete job to unlock option to purchase)

Dog Fight – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Flightsuit & Helmets

Drop Zone – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Joggers & Helmets

Extraction IV – Red Tie (must be Target, wear with any top)

Hardest Target – Green Striker Utility Vest

In & Out – Solid White & Tan Jerseys/Hats

Inch by Inch – Purple & Orange Jerseys/Hats

Kill Quote – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Joggers & Helmets

Motor Wars – Purple, Orange, Pink, Green Flightsuit & Helmet

Power Mad – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Camo Joggers (Female) Cargo Pants (Male) & Helmets

Power Play – Purple & Orange Varsity Jacket, Black Joggers

Running Back Remix I – Yellow & Teal full Racing Suits

Stockpile – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Bomber Jackets & Hats

Sumo – Purple, Orange, Pink, and Green Joggers

Til Death – Male Only: Colored Ties, Armor/Both: Hats, Gloves

Turf Wars – Black Joggers & Blue, Orange, Pink, and Green Leather Jackets & Helmets

Vehicle Vendetta – Black Joggers

Crooked Cop, Truck Off, etc – Orange Trash Vest, White/Tan Adversary Hoodie & Forward Cap, Orange & Purple Joggers

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