BEFF Clothing Flip – Texture List

Current Status: Working

The Buy Everything For Free glitch allows users to flip textures of items into common Adversary and “Special” Colors like Pink, Purple, Green, Orange, Blue, White, Tan, Black, and Gray. The most popular of these items and what the glitch is known for are the Colored BP Helmets but there are many items that you can flip with this glitch, including: colored bp helmets, forward facing caps, racing gloves, scuba tops, racing tops, joggers, deadline pants, deadline tops, camo tops, and many other items that have adversary colored textures. This glitch requires 2 consoles and is currently only available on PS4. There are many methods going around that demonstrate how to complete this glitch by simply doing a quick search on Youtube. This is a glitch that gets patched and I will do my best to notate if it’s still working in this FAQ. I have done this glitch before but do not currently have a video posted and will likely not post a video on this glitch.

The key pieces to this glitch are the Clothing Items & Textures that help you flip them. The most thorough list of items that I’ve found (with pictures included) comes from on llsilxnt on her website. You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter. I highly recommend checking out her socials as she has put in a lot of effort to help those that may be struggling find items that they want and she shares other tips & tricks for glitches often. You can also find different textures and examples using that same quick search on Youtube.

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