TIFF Crew Emblem Ideas

For those of you that are not aware, I have a GTA Crew called TIFF that is open for anyone that follows me on my socials, subscribes to Youtube, or is just looking for a crew to join! Whenever I livestream, typically TIFF Crew members get priority to play. I also host random crew lobbies, play with crew members, and am always looking to promote people that are active within the crew! There is a large variety of players in the crew… outfit makers, glitchers, money grinders, tryhards, roleplayers, and content creators of all sorts. There are also users from multiple platforms, including: PS4, XBOX, and PC. Currently the crew is the largest on PS4 but I am looking for more players and a few commissioners on XBOX.

Join the TIFF Crew!

I’m working on ideas for a new design of the TIFF Crew Emblem for GTA and I’d like your help. The current design is a simple diamond that has served it’s purpose for a while but I’d like to upgrade this to something more professional and that speaks more to my brand. I have had some items designed for merch & emotes that are in contention but I’d also like ideas from those in the TIFF Crew or that just want to provide input.

Current Emblem Design:

Possible Emblem Designs:

If you have suggestions/ideas or like any of the other designs, please sound off in the comments!