FAQ – Comment on this post!

I’m wrapping up work on a FAQ page which will include answers to questions I get the most. I need your help! Please ask any questions you have, see asked often, or comment about things you’d want to see on the FAQ! It can be glitching, gta, streaming, youtube, rockstar editor, twitch, instagram, or personal.

Thanks for your help!


Website Updates – Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you to everyone that has been using the website during the Soft Launch! It’s helped me tremendously in learning how you use the website, the general functionality, and plans going forward.

Most of the feedback about the searchable tables is positive, though there are still some of you that want the old lists. If you haven’t read the information above the searchable table, I suggest doing so! It not only clearly explains how to use the lists, it also clearly links the OLD PDF and has the entire time the website has been up. I am maintaining 5 lists currently; 2 Searchable Tables, 2 PDFS/Printable Lists, and a private list for Blacklisted/Festive Items that I keep for reference. Going forward, I will continue to maintain these lists and work to make the information more clear which includes at least weekly updates and the ultimate goal which is to have every item in game listed with a result, whether it be an actual component/merge component/blacklisted. If anyone would like to assist in completing the lists, it is always appreciated! I will continue to link people that take this kind of initiative to help others on the website to say thanks!

What I would like to change is the general appearance of the website and the lists. Horizontal scrolling is not ideal and I am working to find a solution to fix this. Also, the menu is hidden so it is hard to find items on mobile. I will be adding a website search bar, better menu option, and fix the tables in the upcoming weeks. I will also be adding logos and branding. I am looking for a Graphic Designer currently for multiple projects so if you have a portfolio, please reach out via the contact form!

I’m also going to be incorporating product testing, reviews, and more general types of blogs into the website in 2019!

Feedback is always WELCOME! Most of what I do is based on helping others so I like to hear from you! But remember, phrasing is important! “It doesn’t work” or “I don’t like it” does not help either of us.

Please continue to leave feedback in the comments, on Youtube, or by shooting me a message!

Thank you again for your support and for being here, as always…