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Merging components is done in a Rockstar Job (current jobs) when you add a merge component onto an outfit. Merge components are typically items that appear as invisible or that do not have opposite components on the male/female character. This is typically done when transferring merge components from one character slot to the other but there are ways to do this with other popular glitches like DMO, Magic Slot outfits, or with non-transfer components. The components in green will also work for Save Wizard/Ped merging.

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There is a condensed list of the most commonly used merge components with info on each layer below but there are hundreds of items that merge on both characters. My goal is to always only share/highlight older clothing items if possible, as often new dlcs will fill in some of the ‘gaps’ in the prior dlcs opposite component, thus not allowing them to merge anymore.

Merge LayerAKAComponentsExamples/Info
Merge JacketTorso 2M to F:
Sea Green Puffer Jacket, Blue Santo Capra T-Shirt (Alone), Camo Sports Tank (Alone)

F to M:
Peach Camo Closed Work Jacket, Navy Blue Striped Cropped Leather Jacket, Sea Green Puffer Jacket
All Open Closed Jackets, Deadline Tops, All Racing/Air Racing/Biker/Bodysuit Tops.
On Female: Most Tucked T-Shirts, Bikini Tops, Bustiers, and Torn Tees/Tanks.
Merge ShirtTorso 1M to F:
Camo Sports Tank (under jacket), Ocean Stripped Business Shirt (under any Suit Jackets), Black Heavy Utility Vest

F to M:

Orange Bikini Top, Leopard Print Party Tank (under jackets)
Juggernaut Armor, Trash Vest, All Gun Belts, Paramedic Belt, Utility Vest, Racing/Air Racing Suit Belts
Merge BottomLegsM to F: Tropical Print Running Sports Shorts (Short or under), Blue Continental Suit Pants (Over)

F to M: Spotted Muscle Sports Pants (Over), Pink Heart Stockings, Purple Lace Panties, Sand Cargo Sports Shorts
Different pants that go over or under shoes may turn your shoes into different components so pay attention to what the list calls for.
Merge ShoeShoesBoth:
Pink Hi Top Sneakers
The same shoes that go “over” some pants or go “under” pants or combined with shorts will often give you 2 different types of shoes. The best example are the deadline shoes components for male and the stuntman canvas shoes for female.
Merge GloveGlovesM to F:
Light Woodland Tactical Gloves

F to M:
Red & Gray Armored Gloves
Racing Gloves, Biker Suit Gloves, and any purchasable gloves. The same gloves work to merge gloves on both male and female. You cannot merge all gloves with all tops. Ex: Long Gloves on female still follow the same standards and will only save with certain tops.
Merge NeckwearNeck AccessoriesM to F:
Green Scarf, Gold Coin Pendant Chain, Black Bead Necklace, Blue Hatch Straight Tie

F to M:
B&W Deco Earrings, Platinum LC Necklace Chain, Blue Hatch Stripey Tie
Scarves, Handcuffs, IAA Badge, Necklaces, Paramedic Badge or Stethoscope, Ties, Certain Earrings, Sweatbands, Leather Straps, Flight Tube.
*To check if an accessory is neckwear, put on a desert scarf and then try to put it on. If the scarf disappears, that item is considered neckwear.
Merge CuffsOther AccessoriesM to F:
F to M:

Cuffs, Watches that aren’t neckwear. Cuffs on the right (R) are truly cuffs and those on the left (L) are watches.
Merge ArmorCEO/Associate Armor & Standard ArmorM to F:
Green Flat Associate Armor, Blak Heavy CEO Armor, Moss Long Suit Jacket + Ocean Striped Business Shirt + Inventory Body Armor (merge jacket layers onto glitched half body armor)

F to M:

Heavy Armor (with open jackets only) (Available at Ammunation or in Inventory – will not work with every top combination)
Armor is tricky and will not typically merge with just any top. Armor will also be removed from outfits if you change the pants on that outfit, so that limits merging armor even further. Adding Inventory Body Armor that you can purchase at Ammunation over any merge top will allow you to merge tops onto that armor.
Merge LogosCrew Emblems, Race Logos, T-Shirt LogosM to F:
Washed Patched Denim Biker Jacket + Large Back Crew Emblem (merge jacket layers onto emblem)

F to M:

Washed Patched Denim Biker Jacket + Large Back Crew Emblem (merge jacket layers onto emblem)
Adding a crew emblems or logos onto a top will allow you to merge tops onto that emblem or logo; however, it does not always save. Large Back Crew Emblems can be merged using the patched denim biker jackets or cuts on male & female that don’t have components. You can then merge any top that acts as a jacket onto that crew emblem. Logos react differently and the same crew emblem on 2 tops can turn into something totally different depending on the top so this is a toss up. Varies greatly.
Merge Hats/MasksHelmets, Hats, MasksBoth:
It’s not necessary to merge hats/masks as you can glitch them onto any outfit using the telescope and other various glitches.

Merging is fairly confusing if you are not familiar with how it works. Important things to note are:
1. You need at least 2 slots to merge components. The slots can be saved outfits or your “Current Outfit” or the outfit you wear into job and Slot 1 Or Slot 20.
2. You can merge from the slot BEFORE or AFTER the save outfit that has merge components on it. Ex: Merge “Slot 2” (component you want) into “Slot 1” (merge component outfit).
3. Purchase a rebreather or earpiece at Ammunation prior to going into job. The rebreather will work to bring most outfits out of job but if you have on a hat that you want to save, use an earpiece instead. Scroll right for rebreather and left for earpiece.
4. Access transferred but non-clickable outfits/merge outfits in job set to Player Owned Clothing, add a rebreather/earpiece, quit through phone, and immediately start Mission A Titan of A Job to make changes in Ammunation
5. If you are wearing blacklisted or invisible components not compatible in freemode, you may not be able to wear them online even after opening or making changes to the outfit in Ammunation
6. You cannot merge an item onto something else that does not have a component or a component that you are not able to purchase separately. Ex: On male, white tron shoes and white joggers do not have a component, therefore, you cannot merge these two items together. On female, pink heart stockings do not have a component and the pink stuntman canvas shoes component (silver stuntman canvas shoes) is attached to bottoms that you cannot change. Because of this, you cannot merge these 2 items together due to not being able to add a merge bottom onto the silver stuntman canvas shoes.

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