Component Transfer – Component List + Guide

Updated Transfer & Non-Transfer Merge Components are available to all visitors in the FAQ.

Components allow you to obtain non-purchasable clothing items in the game like joggers, checkered clothing, and adversary clothing. With component transfer glitches (director mode, sp to mp, creator mode, etc) you are able to create full outfits with components. I maintain a list of what clothing components turn into from Male to Female and Female to Male on my website. You can also view the working methods for component transfers and components + list access on my Youtube.

How to use the lists: 

  • Left 2 Columns = Right 2 columns
    • Example: Section, Female Category, Female Clothing (Female Items) = Male Clothing, Male Category (Male Items)
  • Sort by ANY Column (I suggest last column) or Search for specific items
  • Example: Shoes > Highheeled Boots > Deluxe Midnight Combat Boots = All White Sports Shoes  > Sports Shoes (Female Item = Male Item or Female to Male)

Unknown Components = Unobtainable and/or Untested

You may see notes on the lists that say things like: Hood down, Hood up, under jackets, over pants/shorts, under pants, open, closed, collared, alone, visor up, visor down, R or right, L or left, under, etc. This means that this specific piece of clothing only works in combination with another piece of clothing to turn into the listed component. 

Ex: The Gold & Silver Stuntman shoe components from Male to Female are boots that will only turn into these components when combined with bottoms that go over the boots or with shorts on male. This is why I’ve had to find multiple merge components for each layer to make these combination possible.

You may also see notes in parenthesis after the component with tips, tricks, or suggestions about the specific component. 

Ex: While some of the gun belts from Male to Female do have components, it is not recommended to obtain them as they are locked behind Diamond Casino Heist outfits and would still require merging after transfer. Instead, transfer merge shirt components or torso 2, obtain/unlock belts on female, and merge onto the outfit you want. There many methods on my Youtube channel.

For more complex merging or component combinations, I recommend visiting the below Youtube channels that show examples as the lists will not be truly helpful for these more advanced items or outfits.

For inspiration and tutorials, check out my component playlists:
Female Components
Male Components

For male components and tutorials, check out some of my favs:
Tee Games
Unphased Gaming

*Gender Swap Glitch uses “items”, which are different from components as it is an entirely different glitch. Items are different from components. These are typically clothing items that you can unlock and purchase directly from the store when it is available. Glitches like the BEFF flip uses Textures or colors for obtaining components.

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