How do I wear black scruffy boots with shorts?

If you are trying to add black scruffy boots component for black skate shoes on your female character, you know that they aren’t compatible with every bottom. You can add them to the merge shorts (tropical print sports shorts) to merge any pants on to them with an easy, old glitch.

This glitch allows you to wear black scruffy boots, black flight boots, or black tactical boots with bottoms that you could not wear them with otherwise and works for both Female & Male.

  1. Go to Bottons and put on any style of Team Pants
  2. Go to Shoes > Boots > and select the tactical, scruffy, or flight boot that you would like to wear in this section (should default to the boots)
  3. Now go back to Bottoms >
    • Sports Shorts > Tropical Print Running Shorts (male merge shorts)
    • Most skinny leggings, jeans, and suit pant styles on female
    • Also most shorts or cropped shorts on both
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