How do I merge components if I can’t add an accessory in Crooked Cop?

To complete your merge outfit in Crooked Cop after transferring components when you cannot add an accessory:

  1. Open Interaction Menu and change the Racing Outfit
  2. Quit the job through your phone as normal. Note: You can also complete the job to avoid Bad Sport.
  3. Load back into a GTA Online Session and start any Rockstar Created Job > Mission (A Titan of A Job, Chopper Tail, etc).
  4. Load into the job alone and you will see your merge outfit from Crooked Cop:
  5. Save the outfit at any Ammunation, CEO Building, or Apartment and quit/complete the job.
  6. You will load back into the session with your saved merge outfit.

This may be useful when you don’t want to lose your hat/helmet, are wearing checkered items, don’t have rebreather/ear piece, or unable to change accessories in your Interaction Menu.

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