Change Top on Outfit Suits (Deadline, Catsuit, Stuntman, Biker, Bodysuits, etc)

This works for Male & Female Characters!

Method 1 – Special Hoodie
1. Purchase desired outfit suit at the Clothing Store (Deadline, Catsuit, Biker Suit, etc)
2. Purchase any of the Special Tops-Unlocks/Manufacturer-Hoodies (everyone may have unlocked different styles and not everyone has these)
3. Go into closet and add Hoodie to outfit.. you can also change shoes and add most accessories!

Method 2 – Crew T-Shirt
1. Purchase desired outfit suit (Deadline, Catsuit, Biker Suit, etc) at the Clothing Store
2. Go to Interaction Menu-Style-Change Appearance (costs $100k)
3. Change Crew Style T-Shirt to whatever one you want, add a crew emblem, and Save & Continue
4. Add accessories, shoes, and more back in Freemode!

Method 3 – Gray Tank Top (Heist Coveralls)
1. Go to clothing store desk and purchase/put on any of the Outfits: Heist Coveralls/Chemical Suits
2. Go to shoe section and choose the Khaki or Tan Walking Boots ONLY and your top + waist will disappear
3. Add Body Armor, Parachute, Duffel Bag, Gloves, Hats, Earrings or Masks only and save outfit
Optional: To change/add a t-shirt, unregister as CEO, open Interaction Menu > Style > Change Appearance (will cost $100,000.. suggest changing hairstyle + makeup + anything else you want while in here to get your $’s worth) and select Apparel > Any Crew T-Shirt Style
*Changing Tops (without Changing Appearance), Watches, Cuffs, Necklaces, Scarves, and any other shoes will make Bottoms disappear.


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