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      1. I’ve become a member but when I click on male to female it says protected enter password but when I check email for becoming member there is no password for me, please help

        1. Thanks for joining 🙂 The password is posted on the Community tab on Youtube. It changes every couple of days. Make sure to review the Community & Members tab for all of your perks.

          1. I’ve spelt the password perfect but it not giving me access pls help I been trying for over 2 hours now, it took me one hour and half to find password, finally found it but still cannot access ya list after half hour of trying password

          2. I posted a new password on the Community tab. You have to enter it EXACTLY as it’s listed… any capitalizations and any special characters. It’s truly not that complicated.

          3. I’ve entered the password correctly Exactly how it’s spelt, It keeps telling me to enter password,, there is nothing other I can do but type in your supposed password constantly for the last hour or so, it’s not working at all for me, if you could check yourself or something, I’ve only paid to access clothing components cos yours is the best list

  1. I understand why you are going to stop the components list, but did you have to delete the list themselves? Couldnt you have just not updated it but kept whats there

  2. honestly I get why your leaving the community I left too but I don’t think you should delete everything I would honestly start charging people like if y’all want these components cause I spent my hard earn time on this charge them 20 or 30 bucks for this cause you’re right on YouTube everybody copying everybody’s video for likes and don’t even mention the right components but your choice

    1. Who said I was leaving the community? All I did was take the lists down. They are MY lists and were for my own personal use, no one else is entitled to them. I’m sure other people have their own lists too, they just didn’t share them because truthfully, it’s not worth doing all of this work for others. Just read through the comments to see how people treat me & anyone else that tried to help 😅

    2. Aww, I was just getting into making outfits, like I haven’t even been here for a full three months and I just wanted to say you were 100% the most helpful and kind person in this community who knew what they were talking about. I started out not knowing how any of this works and you really taught me. Im so sorry people cant be grateful for a single thing and Im sorry they treat you like sh*t, you were a great person to this community and I will always support you and your decisions

  3. Naw obviously you don’t understand.

    Didn’t get the credit you felt you deserved so you fuck over the hundreds of people who count on your site?

    I woulda screen shot that shit if I knew some over emotional girl was gonna throw an ego fit and randomly take it all down. Jesus murphy.

    Like thanks for having faith in the community kiddo. lol

    You big fat JERK

      1. Miss that component list and I appreciate ur work. Ur components did a lot for me, I still off a few screen shots of racing shoes and I few other stuff. Big thank you to you xtiffi ur a goat, fuck whatever all these dick riders have to say!

  4. I loved your list . But I get what your talking about . I get hate all the time it sad but I just smile at them and continue my life. People always love to bash us girl gamers for everything. “She’s trash , because she’s a girl” keep your head up girl ! I read these comments, people have no lives, sit behind a screen typing hateful comments. I wish the best for u xx

    1. Such is life ❤️ People bent on ruining their own fun also seek to ruin other’s as well. Misery loves company.

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