Components List Updated – 6/14/20

Added Caps, Overcoats, Arcade Tees
Removed duplicates and fixed reported errors

Added Backwards Caps, Sweaters, Diamond Casino Dresses, Merge Tops Removed duplicates and fixed reported errors

ALSO, please check the Merging Guide in the FAQ for examples, info, and components ☺️

Thanks Aimbotactive & Tee for their contributions this week 🙂 As always, if you find errors, have issues or have a request, please message me with all of the details.

Component Lists Updated – 5/19/20

Male – Added an assortment of Scubasuit Goggles, Cuffs, Watches, Hats, Untucked Service Shirts, Loafers, Glasses, Wool Overcoats, Closed Parkas, Merge Components + fixed reported issues

Female – Added an assortment of Scubasuit goggles, Cuffs, Watches, Hats, Diamond Casino Hoodies, Loafers, Classes, Sweaters, Longline Hoodies, Merge Components + fixed some reported issues

Component Lists Updated – 5/14/20

Male: Adversary Colored Knee Pad Cargos, Adversary Colored Guarded Cargos, Adversary Colored Astronaut Suit Tops, Arena Wars Nightmare Hoodies, Arena Wars Nightmares Sweaters, Merge Pants, Merge Shorts, Merge Tops, Merge Back Crew Emblem, Cleaned up duplicates/spelling errors/reported issues

Female: Tucked/Untucked Designer T-Shirts, Loungewear Bottoms, Merge Back Crew Emblem, Cleaned up duplicates/spelling errors/reported issues

As a reminder, the lists are free. They are updated when I have time. If you want to volunteer your time to update them… awesome! You can hit me up on Instagram @ xtiffi for info on how to help. Also, I have been receiving requests to add pictures to the lists and my response to that is 100% ABSOLUTELY NOT. That is entirely too much work and I barely have time to add new components, let alone add pictures. It’s not difficult to use a search bar and google translate.

TIFF Crew Emblem Ideas

For those of you that are not aware, I have a GTA Crew called TIFF that is open for anyone that follows me on my socials, subscribes to Youtube, or is just looking for a crew to join! Whenever I livestream, typically TIFF Crew members get priority to play. I also host random crew lobbies, play with crew members, and am always looking to promote people that are active within the crew! There is a large variety of players in the crew… outfit makers, glitchers, money grinders, tryhards, roleplayers, and content creators of all sorts. There are also users from multiple platforms, including: PS4, XBOX, and PC. Currently the crew is the largest on PS4 but I am looking for more players and a few commissioners on XBOX.

Join the TIFF Crew!

I’m working on ideas for a new design of the TIFF Crew Emblem for GTA and I’d like your help. The current design is a simple diamond that has served it’s purpose for a while but I’d like to upgrade this to something more professional and that speaks more to my brand. I have had some items designed for merch & emotes that are in contention but I’d also like ideas from those in the TIFF Crew or that just want to provide input.

Current Emblem Design:

Possible Emblem Designs:

If you have suggestions/ideas or like any of the other designs, please sound off in the comments!

Amazon Giftcard Giveaway + Twitch Prime Loot & Store Front Info!

Hi ya’ll! I’m going to start sharing info about Amazon Twitch Prime Loot AND deals/promotions that I find on Amazon that you might be interested in for gaming/streaming here on my blog.

Don’t forget, Amazon Prime users get a FREE monthly Twitch Prime subscription, which you can use to support your favorite streamers. This month, I’m using my next Twitch Prime sub on WhersWallace. Twitch Prime also offers FREE loot and games each month.

To visit my Amazon Storefront, please go to I’ll update this as often as possible with any really good deals I find… which will also include promo codes that you can enter at checkout! To kick this off, I’ll also be giving away a $25 Amazon Giftcard! To enter, simply leave a comment below (be sure to enter in your email address) and I will announce the winner on March 31st on this post, Twitter, and Instagram!

*Disclaimer: This giveaway is not sponsored or affiliated with Amazon or Twitch. I may receive compensation for any purchases through my Amazon store front or other affiliate/referral links for Twitch Prime.

Component Lists Updated – 12/21/19

I have not abandoned this website or the lists. I have made small updates throughout the year but the most important components – merge components – have always been available since I cracked the code on the limitless possibilities for merge components. For those of you that continue to ask me about (and complain about) updates to the component lists, there were 2 small updates this week that included updates that were not published back in September. I’ve posted MANY times that I was not active for months at a time on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Inactive means NOT AVAILABLE and gaming/gaming content were so low on my priority list. I’ve received random components here and there from people and I appreciate that but they still require logging into GTA to confirm the naming conventions, testing, adding them to the spreadsheet, and publishing on the website. None of which I’ve had time to do for long stretches this year. This isn’t as simple as slapping some pictures on a Twitter post or DM. My goal is to help people, not confuse them and make them have to still look for the items without any additional information.

A larger update will come this weekend (including Festive items, Casino Heist DLC items, and some Arena War) for both male and female. Another small update will occur next week with some odds and ends.

As a reminder, the lists are FREE and have always been free.. however, I removed the pdf versions for multiple reasons:
1. I was having to maintain 4 versions (5 if you count my blacklisted/unknown component list), which was not feasible.
2. People were downloading the list FOR FREE, uploading it to their own pages/videos, and linking without credit.
3. The pdf version was extremely outdated and not easy to use. A search bar is 100x easier than scrolling through pages. Fight me if you want but you’re wrong.
4. People were downloading and printing OLD versions of the list and then complaining that they weren’t updated because they were too lazy to look for new versions.
5. The pdf version was in English only and you can use google translate in this format.
6. My website is monetized with ads and though the lists are free, it’s fair for me to generate a few pennies a month by people utilizing it on my website.
7. I have control over the content on my own website and can block IP addresses, update on the go, and explicitly link to those that help here.
If any of that is a problem, don’t use them.

To those of you that have offered or tried to help, thank you! I’m doing my best to maintain a ‘Thank You’ list on my website, so apologies if that was not updated but it will be this weekend. I do have some additional tools at my disposal now to make the testing easier, so we shall see how that goes. If you do have requests for components, update to the lists, or corrections.. the best place to send them is on Twitter or Instagram.

Happy Holidays <3

GTA Gold Entertainment Presents: GTA Content Awards

WINNERS were announced on January 22nd! Please visit @gtagoldent on Instagram or for the full list!


Update – I asked my supporters to nominate me for Best GTA Community Platform and was also nominated for Glitched Outfits, Content Crew, and Overall Platform. Winners will be announced soon! Thanks everyone that nominated me and voted!

I’m all about the GTA community on Instagram and other social/video platforms so it’s only fair to share something exciting and fun for the community!

GTA Gold Entertainment is a fairly new platform that highlights different aspects of the GTA community on Instagram from fashion, vehicles, events, content, contests, and more! Their weekly magazines have been a hit and they are branching out to celebrate our community this month.

The GTA Gold Content Awards features 11 total categories:

1. Best GTA Music Video Director
2. Best GTA Film Director
3. Best GTA Content Pic Editor In-Game
4. Best GTA Content Pic Editor PC
5. Best GTA Content Pic Editor Multi/Mixed Media
6. Best GTA Glitched Outfits
7. Best GTA Killing Montages
8. Best GTA Content Crew
9. Best GTA Vehicle Platform
10. Best GTA Community Platform
11. Best GTA Overall Platform

Fans and supporters can submit nominations on their Instagram posts until December 2nd. Official nominees are determined by a panel of judges based on user submissions and voting began on December 12th and ended December 19th. There are cash prizes and more for those that win. I’ll also announce the winners and link to their Instagram here on my website as an added incentive for everyone that participates and wins… I really appreciate the effort that is being made to keep the community alive and fun!

You can find all past issues of their magazine in their Instagram story highlights.

Good luck to everyone and please make sure to check out GTA Gold Entertainment!

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Ending the year…

…on a positive!

I’ve had quite the year. Life changed and it changed a lot. I wanted to briefly reflect on it all here and also talk about my plans for 2020. BUT first… join me in my Instagram Community Challenge: Post at least once a day for the rest of 2019 ? I definitely need your support so please follow me @xtiffi and stay active!

Check out these posts that are using my hashtag #xtiffi and may be participating in the challenge.

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Leave your Instagram @ in the comments if you are participating in the challenge so that people can check out your page.

This year I dealt with great loss, new beginnings, and a total lifestyle overhaul. I want to remind all of you that if you are struggling with ANYTHING, reach out to someone. You can learn to make better choices and start new habits. You can overcome any obstacle with itty bitty steps or great big ones. Between losing my uncle, moving, watching my parents leave my childhood home, job promotions, reconnecting with old friends, and making better choices, my priorities changed.

Gaming or creating gaming content has gone completely back to being a hobby, instead of something I was prioritizing. I’m not going anywhere though, at least not in 2020. I still have goals and milestones for my channel and the “xtiffi” brand! I may not always find a passion in gaming but I will always have a passion for creating and sharing my knowledge. I’ll continue uploading videos, making updates to the component lists, posting pictures on my Instagram, and live-streaming with my supporters. At times, I may be inactive if work or life get a bit too busy but you can always stay connected with me on Instagram.

I’m also branching out to different types of content this year! You’ll start to see me sharing some of my product testings, freebies, money-saving ventures, frugal lifestyle tips, and sponsored reviews/posts. I’ve always done these types of things but they took a back burner when I started focusing on gaming content. I highly recommend subscribing to my second channel for all non-gaming related content –

I truly appreciate your continued support and look forward to what this year will bring!

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I follow everyone back on Twitter, just ask! I’m selective on IG as it’s my main social site ☺️ I do post personal + gaming on my IG.