Component List Update – 2/3/21

Please note, component lists are now only available to Youtube Channel Members. For more information or to join, please read this post.

Updated Transfer & Non-Transfer Merge Components are available to all visitors in the FAQ.

Added – Suit Jackets, Leather Jackets, Bustiers, Boots + corrected issues, spelling errors, and duplicates

Added – Red Neckphones, Desert Scarfs, Turtlenecks, Battle Vests, Combat Tops, All Adversary Strike Vests, Police Guard & Maintenance Belts, Sports Shoes, Running Shoes + corrected issues, spelling errors, and duplicates

There were a few update made over the last few weeks and I published the most changes today. The list is close to being up-to-date through the latest DLC for all items that are available to buy from clothing store sections, apart from outfits that you can buy at the counter/casino. If you are unable to find items, they are either apart of an “outfit”, are a “combo” item, or do not have a component available. I am also working to add items that do not have components available just to be sure that you know I’ve checked. For those items, I’d recommend merging.

Component Lists Updated – 12/21/19

I have not abandoned this website or the lists. I have made small updates throughout the year but the most important components – merge components – have always been available since I cracked the code on the limitless possibilities for merge components. For those of you that continue to ask me about (and complain about) updates to the component lists, there were 2 small updates this week that included updates that were not published back in September. I’ve posted MANY times that I was not active for months at a time on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Inactive means NOT AVAILABLE and gaming/gaming content were so low on my priority list. I’ve received random components here and there from people and I appreciate that but they still require logging into GTA to confirm the naming conventions, testing, adding them to the spreadsheet, and publishing on the website. None of which I’ve had time to do for long stretches this year. This isn’t as simple as slapping some pictures on a Twitter post or DM. My goal is to help people, not confuse them and make them have to still look for the items without any additional information.

A larger update will come this weekend (including Festive items, Casino Heist DLC items, and some Arena War) for both male and female. Another small update will occur next week with some odds and ends.

As a reminder, the lists are FREE and have always been free.. however, I removed the pdf versions for multiple reasons:
1. I was having to maintain 4 versions (5 if you count my blacklisted/unknown component list), which was not feasible.
2. People were downloading the list FOR FREE, uploading it to their own pages/videos, and linking without credit.
3. The pdf version was extremely outdated and not easy to use. A search bar is 100x easier than scrolling through pages. Fight me if you want but you’re wrong.
4. People were downloading and printing OLD versions of the list and then complaining that they weren’t updated because they were too lazy to look for new versions.
5. The pdf version was in English only and you can use google translate in this format.
6. My website is monetized with ads and though the lists are free, it’s fair for me to generate a few pennies a month by people utilizing it on my website.
7. I have control over the content on my own website and can block IP addresses, update on the go, and explicitly link to those that help here.
If any of that is a problem, don’t use them.

To those of you that have offered or tried to help, thank you! I’m doing my best to maintain a ‘Thank You’ list on my website, so apologies if that was not updated but it will be this weekend. I do have some additional tools at my disposal now to make the testing easier, so we shall see how that goes. If you do have requests for components, update to the lists, or corrections.. the best place to send them is on Twitter or Instagram.

Happy Holidays <3

I’m back! New Vids on Youtube ?

Topless Female Components (GTA5 ONLINE)
4 Female Components Outfits (GTA5 Online)

I’m officially back and I have SO much to share with you all! Please be patient while I get my channel back up to date as well with some older glitches.

What to expect this week:

  • Updates to Component List
  • FAQ
  • *New Videos*

Thank you all so much for your support while I was away ?


I’m taking a month or two break from uploading consistently or keeping the lists up to date on a weekly basis. You are welcome to still send in items or errors you find and I will update as I am able. In the meantime, there are more than enough merge components available for you to be able to create things you need without knowing components. There are also a ton of outfit examples on both mine and Tee’s youtube channels for both Male & Female.

When I return, the lists will be migrated to a new format and the printable pdf (old lists) will change slightly to reflect this new format.

You can expect a few video uploads or posts on Instagram as well as intermittent streams on Youtube or Twitch but I will not be maintaining a schedule nor will I be responsive daily if you need help or assistance with glitches as I normally am.

Thanks for understanding.

Custom Fortnite Games + Giveaway

Custom Games + Giveaway
Hosted by xtiffi & max
Friday, February 22nd @ 7pm EST

To participate:
-add tiffix on Epic and join livestream on
-codes subject to change, join livestream for most up to date info
-open to all consoles
-MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT SERVER. Click on the custom match button located at the bottom right on the select game mode screen. Enter the password you want to use, and click Accept. Press “Play” and wait for other players to join using the same password. DO NOT SELECT START MATCH! This will be done by xtiffi.

Rules: Normal, pub style matches. Queue up as “fill” for duos and squads if you don’t have a team. The more the merrier so invite your friends to play on the solo, duo, and squad matches. Goal is to have at least 50 people in each lobby.

Giveaway: All winners from the solo, duo, and squad matches will have a shot at winning a $25 Giftcard of their choice + perks to be determined!

1st Match – Solo FFA for fun and random dancing to wait for people to join stream and learn how to join. Winner not included in giveaway.
Code – holypoop (East)

2nd & 3rd Match – Solo (1 East/1 West Match) pub style match. No rules. Play to win. You can play in both matches.
Code – xtiffi (East) & xtiffi2 (West)

4th & 5th Match – Duo (1 East/1 West Match) pub style match. “Fill” if you need a teammate. No rules. Play to win. You can play in both matches.
Code – maxipad (East) & maxipad2 (West)

6th & 7th Match – Squads (1 East/1 West Match) pub style match. “Fill” if you need teammates. No rules. Play to win. You can play in both matches.
Code – pizzuh (East) & pizzuh2 (West)

Final match: Solo FFA for fun and random dancing to end stream and do giveaway!
Code – holypoop2 (East)

FAQ – Comment on this post!

I’m wrapping up work on a FAQ page which will include answers to questions I get the most. I need your help! Please ask any questions you have, see asked often, or comment about things you’d want to see on the FAQ! It can be glitching, gta, streaming, youtube, rockstar editor, twitch, instagram, or personal.

Thanks for your help!


Website Updates – Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you to everyone that has been using the website during the Soft Launch! It’s helped me tremendously in learning how you use the website, the general functionality, and plans going forward.

Most of the feedback about the searchable tables is positive, though there are still some of you that want the old lists. If you haven’t read the information above the searchable table, I suggest doing so! It not only clearly explains how to use the lists, it also clearly links the OLD PDF and has the entire time the website has been up. I am maintaining 5 lists currently; 2 Searchable Tables, 2 PDFS/Printable Lists, and a private list for Blacklisted/Festive Items that I keep for reference. Going forward, I will continue to maintain these lists and work to make the information more clear which includes at least weekly updates and the ultimate goal which is to have every item in game listed with a result, whether it be an actual component/merge component/blacklisted. If anyone would like to assist in completing the lists, it is always appreciated! I will continue to link people that take this kind of initiative to help others on the website to say thanks!

What I would like to change is the general appearance of the website and the lists. Horizontal scrolling is not ideal and I am working to find a solution to fix this. Also, the menu is hidden so it is hard to find items on mobile. I will be adding a website search bar, better menu option, and fix the tables in the upcoming weeks. I will also be adding logos and branding. I am looking for a Graphic Designer currently for multiple projects so if you have a portfolio, please reach out via the contact form!

I’m also going to be incorporating product testing, reviews, and more general types of blogs into the website in 2019!

Feedback is always WELCOME! Most of what I do is based on helping others so I like to hear from you! But remember, phrasing is important! “It doesn’t work” or “I don’t like it” does not help either of us.

Please continue to leave feedback in the comments, on Youtube, or by shooting me a message!

Thank you again for your support and for being here, as always…


Component List Updated!

Just a note to say that the lists have been updated today!… and you can view by clicking on the menu and using the Search Bar to filter items OR by clicking on the link for the Printable/OLD PDF (since some of you still aren’t getting that).

Also a friendly reminder that Festive items typically do NOT stay after New Years, so make sure you have removed them from any outfits you do not want to lose.

If you find errors on the list or want to submit new items, please leave a comment below or shoot me a message on Instagram.


THRILLS TOURNAMENT – Fortnite $1000 in Prizes!

Hi ya’ll! I wanted to share a Fortnite Tournament with you that will be hosted by TSM_CaMiLLs with Guest Commentator Thrax.. two awesome peeps I mod for on Twitch!

The tournament is an on-going sub only event! The next event is on Saturday, December 22nd at 4pm EST with 64 participants in 2 phases! See for more info on format and to answer any other questions not answered below.

Entry: Subscribe to TSM_CaMiLLs or thraax_ on Twitch

Register: Join CaMiLLs Discord, connect your Twitch to your User Settings > Connections > Once Sync, your name will then turn purple and you will have access to the sub only channel #thrills-registration. Follow the prompt at the top to join (ex: Join – Twitch Name: xtiffi – Epic ID: tiffix)

You will receive a confirmation message with additional details about the tournament once registration has ended. Registration ends Thursday, December 20th at 4pm EST!

Prizes are:

  • $500 for 1st Place
  • $350 for 2nd Place
  • $150 for 3rd Place

If you have any questions, please post them on Discord and we will answer there!

Thanks everyone!